Its best to be prepared in advance to welcome home your new friend.

  1. Martingale Collar (a martingale collar tightens when it is pulled; harder for the Doberman’s small head to slip out of); you can get any, but we use this one (size large)
  2. Leash any 6-feet leash with a padded handle will be fine (the padded handle is easier on your hand); stay AWAY from retractable leashes.
  3. Food and water bowl, and probably a large mat for the water bowl to go on (most pups make a mess when they drink)
  4. Dog Food (do not feed grain-free food to large breed dogs; it negatively affects heart health of large breeds).
  5. Dog treats for training (we love the True Chew brand ones; avoid rawhide – it always upsets their stomach and they can choke on it)
  6. Enzymatic cleaner spray to clean up potty accidents (if any).
  7. Poop bags
  8. Dog bed (Costco or Petsmart sells good ones for about $40-50)
  9. 48″ Wire Crate + Crate Mat
As a dog parent, you will buy more stuff as you spend more time with your dog and are aware of the dog’s needs and for convenience.  But the above is a good list to get you started. 🙂

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