Gosh, what can I say about Bella? So many good things.  We completely adore her!  This tiny girl (well, tiny for a dobergirl) is a black and tan Doberman Pinscher mix standing at a slender 50 lbs.  She is estimated to be around 1.5 years old as of May 2022.

Bella came from a small town in Northern California.  A breeder moved through town, and when they left town, little puppy Bella was left behind in their yard.  A kind elderly neighbor woman took Bella in under her care when Bella was approximately 6 months old.  However, because it is a small town, she was unable to find a home for Bella, but she did not give up.  Unfortunately this year, due to the woman’s age and illness in the family, she could no longer care for Bella, and the neighbors helped by reaching out to our rescue.

Bella made the long 9-hour trip from Northern California, arriving at our director’s home at 3AM on May 26, 2022.  Immediately, we noticed she was the sweetest girl: all energetic butt wags!  She was introduced to a large dominant male Doberman, and they hit it off great.  While she was crated, we introduced her to a dominant female, who growled and barked at Bella.  Bella responded with play-bows and nub wags.  Truly a gem: submissive, non-reactive and sweetest girl ever.

She would make a wonderful addition to a home with kids, elderly, or really any loving home!  She greets everyone (person or dog, known or stranger) with enthusiastic nub wags!

Bella is currently in board-and-train for two weeks to learn leash manners and to curb her happy jumping (but she really does so gently!).

If you are interested in meeting Bella, please reach out to us at or text/call us at 840-699-7240.