Renegade (“Ren” for short) is male red and rust Doberman Pinscher.  Ren is approximately 2 years old.

He is very friendly towards people and is so so sweet.

Ren has had 2 weeks of board-and-train with a professional balance-based trainer.  He has an A++ on his training report card!  Per his trainer, Ren is a bit of an energetic pup, but he responds very well to commands and training, and is rather focused when it come time to work.

Ren is currently available for adoption.  Because of his size and energy, we do not recommend him for households with children under the age of 13.  We will also require Ren’s adopters to complete 3 hours of 1-on-1 training alongside Ren under the instruction of a balance-based dog trainer before adoption is finalized.

If you would like to meet Ren, please reach out to us at or call/text us at (840) 699-7240.