Dante came to our rescue as an owner surrender at 13 months old.  He is a European Doberman standing a very tall and solid 90 lbs. His owner did not have enough time for him and was not willing to train him, and therefore could not handle him. Poor pup spent most of his time tied to a tree in the back yard on a 4 foot tether. Somehow, despite being tied up his whole life, he is the sweetest and most playful. By some miracle, this boy is not reactive to strangers or dogs at all, and is quite friendly.

But boy is he a tornado. A giant (tall) 90-lb European muscle tornado, that is. He has no doggie manners, no leash manners, and.. well, no potty manners. And no sleeping manners (severe anxiety and barking while in his crate). He is also CRAZY strong.

He. Does. Not. Stop. Moving…. EVER.  In order to put a prong collar and doggie diaper in him in preparation for transport, it took 10 minutes and 3 people to muscle him still and keep him in place.  One of us pretty much had to sit on him.

However, he responds very well to training.  A prong collar makes him more manageable. After structured exercise and training at his foster home, he is improving greatly and is calming down.

Dante is not yet available for adoption until his behavior is improved and we get to know him better.