Pluto came to our rescue as an owner surrender along with his brother Neptune.  We originally planned to keep the brothers together, but it appears that they were getting into scuffles due to difference in energy level.  Pluto is very high energy and will play very hard.  However, he is very dog friendly and has gotten along with every dog he has met.  He is also fiercely loyal and loving to his family (dogs and pawrents).

Unfortunately, Pluto is an albino Doberman.  Per the Doberman Pinscher Club of America, “Albino (“white”) Dobermans quickly gained a niche market for their novelty. They have been exploited for years by unscrupulous breeders who sell these poor dogs as “rare white” Dobermans. In truth, they suffer from the significant health issues that are common to albinism: photophobia/photosensitivity (abnormal intolerance to light), skin lesions and tumors (skin cancer). These animals also often have temperament issues due to their lack of visual acuity and many end up in animal and Doberman rescues abandoned by owners ill-equipped to handle them.”

Pluto will need medical care throughout his life for his condition.  He will need skin surgeries for cancer.  He will need eye goggles/glasses to protect his eye from the sun.  He will need sunscreen for whenever he goes outside to protect his sensitive skin.

Pluto is also considered mildly behavioral; his new owner must learn to advocate his space or else there may be an incident.  Pluto will not charge/attack strangers, but he behaves unpredictably when strangers attempt to come up to pet him. We believe this is due to his poor eyesight as a result of photosensitivity.

Because Pluto is an albino and is mildly behavioral, we will only consider adopting Pluto to an experienced home in both behavioral dog as well as caring for an albino Doberman.  The adopter must have enough financial stability and commitment to care for this type of Doberman.

If you would like to meet Pluto, please reach out to us at or call/text (840) 699-7240.