Esther was rescued from a high-kill shelter in Los Angeles.  She had been there for months with no interest.  Her now-furever-mom reached out to us for help.  How can we say no?!

Esther will be living out the rest of her golden years with her family.  They have adopted her.  We believe all dogs, especially seniors, deserve to live out their golden years with their furever family, and be surrounded by their family when time comes to leave this world.

However, Esther has some old lady conditions that need maintenance care (vitamins, supplements, eye drops, etc.).  We could use your help and sponsorship for these items.  Each month, Esther will need:

$30 eye medication

$2o immune supplements (to keep her warts from recurring)

$20 bone and joint supplements

$45 food


When you donate, just specify “Esther’s Fund: Esther”!